Hello! I'm Rebecca .

I'm a movement and breath coach, creative soul and lifelong learner!

I help people get connected to their bodies through breath and movement. 

I offer a range of movement, breath and self-discovery services for anyone wishing to feel more balanced, connected and truly themselves.

My work is imbued with tried and tested techniques steeped in research and experience. I coach students by empowering them with tools that they can apply themselves. I approach teaching with compassion, kindness and 'feet firmly on the ground' practicality and I am devoted to facilitating individuals and groups reconnect to their truest selves. 



My Story.

I have been expressing stories through movement since I was young enough to stand. Movement, dance, creating art and nature were always things that made me feel most alive and it's still true for me today.

My career of nearly 25 years was in the performing arts industry as a dancer, singer and actress, working extensively in theatre, TV & Film all over the world.

I gradually transitioned into working as a Movement Coach while working as an assistant director on a musical. My role in rehearsals was to facilitate teaching non-dancers and actors how to move. It was from this moment that I became aware of creating a toolkit for anyone with no formal dance training to connect to their bodies and move freely. 

I further developed my knowledge on as many movement techniques as I could, especially concerning acting and I became fascinated by the body’s ability to store unreleased emotions. On a personal level, I had begun to realise the damage repressed feelings were having on my own physical and mental health and movement became more than just dancing to me but a form of healing. 

My training as a Breath Coach began when I suffered what I now know to be an asthma attack. To suddenly have my breathing restricted due to anxiety and stress resulted in me wanting to discover more about something I had so often taken for granted. 

Before embarking on my own healing journey, whenever feelings became overwhelming, I would push them back down and on the outside, I would distract myself with busyness and plaster a smile across my face. On the inside, I was falling apart, literally not breathing properly and feeling lost and alone. The more I was repeating this pattern, the more I had no idea of who I was.

So much of my journey has impacted the work I do today, leading me to become a Certified Yoga Instructor 200RYT, a facilitator in the healing movement modalities Chakradance™ for adults and Inamojo™ for children, as well as a YOGABODY® breath coach.

I also work specifically with actors to support, nurture and encourage authenticity and a deeper connection to their true selves. I teach movement for actors, text analysis through movement and offer a strong wellbeing course to support the actors personal self-discovery.

I hope to bring you back to a relationship with your own body and your true self by empowering you with practical steps and tools to bring healing, balance, and self-awareness to your life.

My wish for you is that you come back home to your body, your breath and to honour and accept who you really are.  The body is our guide, all we need to do is learn to listen.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Rebecca x


Courses I Offer

How can I help you?

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Chakradance is a healing movement practice. It's a form of nourishment for your true self - your soul. Weaving together music, movement, meditation and art for you to release and reconnect with your self.

Movement for Actors

Connecting artists to their true selves through movement and listening to and trusting the knowledge they have inside themselves.


A wellbeing program for children aged between 5-8 years old, weaving together music, stories, dance, art and meditation to specially composed music.

YOGABODY® Breath Coach

Science-based breathing practices for optimal health. Simple to understand helping increase energy, relieve stress and support deeper sleep.


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