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Inamojo is a wellbeing program for children aged between 5-8 years old, weaving together stories, movement, art, meditation, and specially composed music.

Inamojo aims to help children with lessons and skills that will help them navigate life's challenges with greater understanding - of themselves and others - and greater resilience.

Each program comprises 9 classes, all using a carefully-structured mix of stories, music, movement and creative art. Children absolutely love these classes!


The first 9-class series is woven around the story of a friendly dragon called Naga, who unfortunately has forgotten who he is. Class by class, the children help him to remember, while learning important lessons about themselves along the way.

It is based on the integrative ‘map’ of the chakra system, together with the best-regarded contemporary approaches to Early Childhood Development. These foundations underpin and drive the key developmental themes in each class.

Row of Colored Pencils

The structure of our 9-week inamojo™ programs

Class 1: Introduction to the story and characters

Class 2: Trusting your instincts

Class 3: Feeling and managing your emotions

Class 4: Self-esteem, confidence, courage

Class 5: Compassion and kindness

Class 6: Truthful communication

Class 7: Imagination, dreams and goals

Class 8: Self-awareness and belonging

Class 9: Integration and celebration

If you're interested in bringing Inamojo to your community, please submit any questions below.


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